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The rules of the tournament:

Age groupPlayersPlaying periodOffsideBall sizeLocationMax. participantsDate of tournament
20067v71x20Limited4Laagri129 October
Time: 08:30 - 14:30
20075v51x17No3Laagri168 October
Time: 08:30 - 14:15
20085v51x15No3Laagri169 October
Time: 15:00 - 19:00
20095v51x15No3Laagri168 October
TIme: 14:45 - 19:00

* Durations of tournaments in the above table might slightly change, final time table will be published when the tournament is full
* The representative of team must return filled registration sheet to the tournament office before the 1st game
* Team who is going to play next must be ready at least 15 minute before their game starts
* In all age groups at least 4 games per team is guaranteed
* Red card means suspension till end of the game and is not allowed to play in the next match
* Substitutions are not limited and only are allowed from substitution area
* In age groups 2006 – 2009 it is not allowed to shoot on goal straight from kick-off
* It is allowed to use two players per team who are born later than 1st of august and are born in previous year
* Organizers of the tournament have a right to check player ID-s. Coaches/Staff members are responsible for providing ID-s to the tournament organizers.

The final ranking of each group will be decided on points.
In a case of two or more teams being tied on points, the ranking will be decided as follows:

1) Results of the matches played between the teams concerned

2) Goal difference i.e. goals scored for and against in the matches played between the teams concerned

3) The biggest number of wins

4) Overall goal difference

5) Penalties – each team shoots 3 penalties and if the result is not decided then shootout will continue till sudden death

All coaches and parents have to follow the rules of fair play and offer players positive football environment promoted by the organizers.

1) Parents are not coaches at the tournament, coaches are. Parents are not allowed to teach their child in a game situation.

2) It is not allowed to stand behind the goal and distract goalkeeper or other players.

3) Parents are allowed to cheer and support their child.

4) Parents and Coaches are not allowed to shout or yell to referees. Coaches have the right to protest after the game.

If the team and it’s staff do not follow these simple principles, organizers have the right to eliminate the team from the tournament!

A referee must be informed of a protest immediately after the game. Protest and a protest charge (200€) have to be delivered no longer than 30 minutes after the game’s final whistle to the tournament office. The protest will be processed by 3 person’s jury set by the tournament personnel. The protest charge (200€) will be returned if the protest is accepted. The decision of the jury shall be final.In other cases the tournament follows the rules set by the Estonian Football Association.The referees for the Harju Cup come from the Estonian Football Association.


Every participant will receive a diploma and every teams best player will be awarded
* Top 3 teams will be awarded with medals and cups.
* Also there are extra rewards for MVP, top goalscorer and best goalkeeper.
* Fair-play – at the end of each game referee will reward one player from each team most committed and honest player with a fair-play card. In return of Fair-play card in the tournament caffeteria player receives reward.

Harju Cup Registration

Harju Cup tournament fee per TEAM is 150 EUR

Register via our web page Harju Cup Registration or by e-mail: info@harjucup.ee

Tournament will take place in Laagri town. Which is near to Tallinn/Estonia.

Stadium address:

Laagri school stadium – Veskitammi 22, Laagri, 76401 Harju maakond, Estonia – Take a closer look here.

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